In today’s multicultural society it should be reassuring for you to know that Global Translations & Interpreters Services is prepared to assist with your need for services in the languages of the world.

As an industry leader in professional language services for nearly half a century, Global is a company that knows what it takes to reinvent itself and offers real business solutions to clients with a proposition for Quality Excellence, Efficiency and Integrity.


The Foundation to Our Commitment


Quality Excellence

At Global, we compete on quality.  You can attribute Global's success as a company to our team's dedication in achieving quality excellence with the execution and delivery of the services we provide.  In thoroughly and carefully reviewing each job order as it is received, you receive our team's assistance in clearly identifying your company's individual language service needs.  This analysis of your order is also helpful in allowing us to maintain a level of professional flexibility, often required by our clients throughout the various phases of our service cycle.  At Global you can trust our mission is clear:  to provide our clients with the best interpretation and translation services in Canada.


In recognizing the importance of time and how precious it is to everyone, the ability for our Global team to operate with efficiency is essential to us.  Through proprietary workflow processes and technologies customized exclusively for our team, you can rely on us to deliver the services we provide, according to specifications, on time and as promised.


At Global we believe integrity is about putting our values into action and our commitment to serving you is based on the principle of a "win-win" result.  When allowing your business to rely on our team for results, you can count on receiving a personalized, unique and client-specific service experience.